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When preparing to turn in your POV, please review the following:

Required Documents

1. Proof of Entitlement: 7 complete copies of your official Orders, plus any amendments. If you are storing your vehicle, you must provide a Letter of Authorization signed by your TO authorizing storage.

2. Proof of ID: (official and valid photo-identification)

  • Service Member: Military ID
  • Spouse: Military or Government ID
  • Agent: Official Government or State ID AND copy of Service Member’s Military ID

3. Proof of Ownership, Title and/or Registration: You must provide the contractor with a legible copy (front and back) of your vehicle ownership documents for US Customs or Host Nation Customs review/clearance purposes. For the member shipping a POV from CONUS to foreign OCONUS, you must provide your vehicle Title and Registration, or if there is a lien on the vehicle, you must provide the vehicle Registration and a valid Lien Holder Shipment Authorization Letter. For the member shipping a POV from foreign OCONUS to CONUS, you may supply the contractor with either a copy of the vehicle Title or your military/host nation registration. All ownership documents must be in the Service Member’s name as listed on their Orders. Please note that if the vehicle is registered in a spouse’s maiden name, you must provide a copy of your Marriage Certificate. Please contact your local VPC well in advance of your ship-out date for assistance with questions concerning vehicle ownership documents.

4. If applicable, Lien Holder Shipment Authorization Letter: A letter from your Lien Holder authorizing the exportation of your vehicle. (Request letter on official company letterhead.)

5. If applicable, Lease Holder Shipment Authorization Letter: A letter from your Lease Holder authorizing the exportation of your vehicle. (Request letter on official company letterhead.)

6. Power of Attorney: If the vehicle is being turned into a VPC by someone other than the Service Member (e.g. Member’s spouse, relative, friend, etc.), the Agent must present a valid Power of Attorney that authorizes him/her to act on behalf of the Service Member. The POA must include the names of the Service Member and the appointed Agent, as well as the vehicle VIN.

  • If the Member’s spouse is listed on the official Orders as a dependent then they need only bring their own official and valid Military or Government Dependent ID as long as all the requirements listed in item 3 (above) are met. Agents should also have the vehicle specifications (make, model, year, color, VIN, and exact mileage).

7. Valid email address, destination address, notification address, and emergency contact information: This information is required so that we can contact you as soon as your vehicle has arrived at its destination and is available for pick-up.

8. Documentation for “Hard Lift” location: A “Hard Lift” location is a location where there is no VPC or contractor presence. If you turn in a vehicle to a “Hard Lift” location, you must provide the contractor with a legible copy your vehicle title (Front and Back). A list of Contract VPCs can be found in the SDDC “Shipping Your POV” pamphlet available from the SDDC website or your TMO. Please contact the turn-in VPC or American Auto Logistics if you are unsure.


Vehicle Preparation Checklist

  • No more than 1/4 tank of fuel (gasoline or diesel)
  • A complete set of keys (ignition, doors, trunk, gas cap & wheel locks)
  • Make sure your vehicle is clean (includes all interior spaces and compartments, all exterior and undercarriage areas, and engine compartment)
  • Make sure your vehicle is in safe operating condition. The vehicle must have fully functioning service and parking brakes, and no noticeable fluid leaks, and/or any major cracks in the windshield
  • Your glove compartment, trunk, and all other storage spaces must be clean, empty, and free of trash, personal items, and house-hold goods. (Dry-vacuum all spaces, especially in-between and underneath seats)
  • The following items can be left in your vehicle:
    • Factory-installed and/or professionally installed after-market audio/video/navigation equipment inside the vehicle or trunk, including amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, CD changers, DVD players, and navigations systems (These items must be permanently installed or bolted to the vehicle)
    • Thermos bottles, car cushions
  • The following Items MUST BE REMOVED from in your vehicle:
    • Loose audio/video/navigation equipment
    • Accessories not permanently installed
    • Flammable, combustible, or hazardous substances, oils, paints, waxes
    • Any liquids or pressurized cans (propane tanks must be purged and certified by an authorized dealer)
    • Citizen Band radios

Note: Check “VPC Locations” for country-specific requirements.