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Where can I get more detailed information for preparing my POV for transport?

Contact your local Personal Property Officer, the Vehicle Processing Center you plan to ship from, or consult the SDDC “Shipping Your POV” pamphlet located at: http://www.sddc.army.mil/sddc/Content/Pub/8808/DBCN8808.pdf

Why am I restricted to only 1/4 tank of fuel?

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49, Transportation, Carriage By Vessel, Section 176.905, Para A (2) specifically states: “The fuel tank of a motor vehicle or mechanical equipment powered by liquid fuel may not be more than one-fourth full.”

What are the conditions for cleanliness?

The exterior of your POV must be washed and clean of all dirt. The interior of your vehicle must be dry vacuumed clean.

Who do I contact regarding my vehicle shipment?

Please contact the Vehicle Processing Center nearest your present station.

What documents do I need to TURN IN or PICK UP my vehicle?

Please refer to the POV Turn-In/POV Pick-Up pages at the top menu.

How long do I have to pick up my vehicle?

You have 30 days from availability date. The destination Vehicle Processing Center will notify you either via email or postcard within 24 hours of vehicle availability.

Most carriers will be able to pick up your bike within one to four days after your order.

What items may be shipped with my POV?

Please consult your Personal Property Officer, the SDDC “Shipping Your POV” pamphlet, or the Vehicle Processing Center nearest your duty station. A complete listing of Vehicle Processing Centers may be found within the SDDC “Shipping Your POV” pamphlet.